Middleboro T-shirt wars heat up, parents call for heads to roll


In the wake of Wednesday’s announcement that Liam Morrison, a seventh-grade student at Nichols Middle School, filed a lawsuit against the Town of Middleboro and school administrators, some members of the public are calling for Superintendent Carolyn Lyons and School Committee Chair Rich Young to resign.

Meanwhile, other members of the Middleboro community praised school administrators for their response to the two incidents involving Morrison — when he was sent home from school twice for wearing a controversial T-shirt that officials said violated the school’s dress code.

The first time the shirt said, “There are only two genders.” The second time he covered over part of the message with the word “censored,” so that the shirt read “There are censored genders.”

He wore the “censored” version of the same shirt to school on Friday, May 5 and was sent home a second time.

Middleboro Town Manager James McGrail declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. Lyons and all school committee members have yet to respond to The Enterprise’s multiple requests for comment.

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